Who am I?  What makes me tick?  Why do I do the things I do? How do I operate at my best?  What is my potential?  What motivates me?  How can I create the changes I dream of in my life?

The Enneagram is perhaps the oldest assessment tool available to mankind. It is one of the most powerful vehicles to support the awakening and integration of all the differentiated aspects of a human being, while staying connected to the oneness of all things.

Drawing on thousands of years of refinement, this assessment system goes beyond the personality and deep into the very Soul of a person. It has an uncanny accuracy of describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. It is in fact a brilliant and profound multi-dimensional map to guide us in working with every part of ourselves.

It provides a comprehensive model of 9 different core motivations, worldviews and personality styles that exists in this world, providing us with insight into our drives, passions, gifts, hurts and shadows.

By knowing the interactions and patterns executing themselves within us, this can fuel deep work on self-evolution to becoming our best, most authentic selves.

How we work

Our Enneagram process is built up of the following three phases

The test

“Why would you chose to do the Enneagram Profiling, as there are many assessment and profiling tools out there…”

The test we use has been developed by specialists who are very passionate about the Enneagram and its influence on our self-development in this world.  It is also amongst the most accurate testing systems that has been developed in the market.  It has a high degree of validity and reliability based on combining technology, statistical approaches, cross-testing, and validations of answers, thus reducing mistyping. 

It is an online test that takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It is usually completed in the comfort of your home. The idea is to answer it honestly and truthfully, trusting your ‘gut’ instinct, as this is generally the most accurate answer.

You will obtain a detailed report of your Enneagram Profile description. Examples of some of the information included in the report are?

  • your strengths and challenges
  • the subtype of your profile
  • your supporting wings and at what level of integration are you
  • the 6 dimensions of what causes you stress/strain
  • what are your blind-spots, worldviews, and vices.

This information provides you with a level of self-awareness that highlights your patterns of behaviour, emotions and thoughts. It shows you which are helpful or not, when making decisions and choices that shape your life.

The feedback

“My unique abilities as an Enneagram practitioner and coach is that I also have a spiritual background.  It is for this reason that I am able to create the bridge between your personality and your soul, applying the results of your report, and my knowledge of soul work.  This give you a holistic, integrated view of who you are.” ~Nirvashini Vaishnavi~

When you have completed your assessment Bodhimax immediately receives the detailed report. We use this to do our pre-work in going through your results and putting them into the context of your life and circumstances. The results are discussed with you in a 2 to 2.5 hour detailed process of assisted self-discovery. 

This facilitated session takes you into the fascinating world of you…

  • we discuss your Enneagram type and what this means. 
  • exploring what is important to you
  • where can you draw on your strengths and learn from your challenges
  • what don’t you know about yourself that trips you up in everyday life
  • what cyclic patterns are you creating/following in life that serve you and don’t serve you
  • How do you deal with stress and where do you find your relief – “your sweet spot”
  • Traversing through shadow work to understand your limiting beliefs, core fears, unhealthy behaviours
  • What tools can you use to live a healthier, more effective, successful life, one where you thrive, and are not just trying to survive

Support and integration

“I don’t like the word ‘balance.’ To me, that somehow conjures up conflict between work and family… as long as we think of these things as conflicting, we will never have happiness. True happiness comes from integration… of work, family, self, community. ~Padmasree Warrior~

How many times have we taken assessment tests or done self-work where we realised the brilliance of our diamond inside?  And how many times have we moved into a space of not being supported in the deep awareness that we have gained, thus not integrating or remembering the lessons that come with it?  Perhaps some of you can identify with doing profile assessments before and not remembering your profile or what it brings into your life. 

At Bodhimax, we understand the importance of post-support and integration on any self-discovery journey. Bearing this in mind we are available telephonically or on email, after the initial session, for any questions you may have. 

We continue to work with you on your journey towards integration of self-development, interpersonal growth, emotional self-awareness, self-expression, and ultimately self-mastery. 

We highly recommend at least 2 sessions there-after to further unpack your map of the world, assisting you with tools and techniques to utiise the information in your Enneagram to create the life that you have imagined.

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