Protection and Energy clearing

Alot happens in life and sometimes we do not know what to do accept pray. In the last month… I asked God to show me a deeper way of prayer… One that is reflective of the relationship I have with god/source/love/universe… And this week… I found the verse in The Prophet by Khalil Gibran…click here to read more on The Power of Prayer

How much are you sitting in your power? Do you accept yourself for who you are? How much are pleasing others and giving up your own needs? Do you honour your needs, desires, ambitions, dreams? Do you have the courage to be fabulously you?
In this addition we connect with your Solar Plexus Chakra – the Seat of Your Power and release mental, emotional and energetic blockages in this area of your being and your body. Click here to read more on Chakra Energy Clearing – Solar Plexus Chakra

A short meditation on feeling blockages in your body and related organs that carry the energy of the sacral chakra… related to the flow of power in relationships, sex, creativity and money/abundance.

This week, we are looking at the Sacral Chakra, which holds the Flow of Power between Self & Others when it comes to Relationships, Sex, Creativity and Abundance. Isn’t it so interesting to know that this is where most of our stuck energy lies during this age of Corona Virus and Global Economic Crisis. Chakra Energy Clearing – Sacral Chakra

As per our journey into our Thriving Selves… we are going to go deeper to release any negative energies and blockages that we find in our pelvic area, base of spine, also known as the root chakra.

The Root Chakra is the Grounding of our spirit in the material world and is linked to Group/Tribal Power. Chakra Energy Clearing – Root Chakra

With the chaotic nature of what is going on in our country at the moment… it is greatly needed that we come back to centre, sit in our core, re-energise and refocus. Click here to read more on smudging

Reminds me of the poem I read when I was young, called the “Poison Tree” by William Blake… Letting poison grow within us leaves debris and devastation in our wake.
In Shamanism, we learn many ways of Purging… At BodhiMax we facilitate Sacred Shamanic Journeys that involves us shamans being very excited when we help our fellow travellers, pilgrims and warriors to purge out the poisons that cause them to be off-balance in mind, body and spirit. Click here to find out more on how to Purge the Poison Within.

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